BioShock still has “many stories that could be told”

Though 2K Marin is currently focusing their collective efforts on the launch of BioShock 2, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of fleshing out the submerged city of Rapture into a full fledged trilogy, as well as expanding into other media like movies, comics and novels.

“Rapture is probably one of the most unique places ever invented,” audio director Michael Kamper said to CVG. “I have to imagine that there are many stories that could be told within its walls.”

“Personally I would love to see all of those things [movies, comics and novels] available but I can’t speak to future plans regarding any brand expansion. We have some pretty intense fans who I know would just devour all of that material and 2K’s dedication to quality would make sure that every product would be something worth spending your money on.”

Returning to the failed underwater utopia a decade later, BioShock 2 seems to be having a tough time living up to the high expectations established by the first game. That doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just not new. I hope for the future of the series, whatever shape it takes medium-wise, we’ll get to see the actual rise and fall of Rapture rather than simply frolic through the ruins. That would be new.