Brink multiplayer is seamless

We’ve had Brink on our radars for some time now, there’s just something about the extensive character customization and especially the SMART movement system that gets us all giddy. Now, with details about the game’s multiplayer modes surfacing, it appears we will be able to be giddy together – seamlessly.

Richard Ham, creative director at Splash Damage, has said that Brink owners will begin their multiplayer journey by choosing to play in either a public or private match. “If it’s private, that means they can play on their own, solo, and have their friends seamlessly join in the action mid-mission (no lobby screens or any of the traditional stuff) for co-op,” Ham explained.

“The important thing to remember here is that you’re not the center of the universe,” Ham added. “The world won’t wait for you to make big things happen.  Each one of your teammates (whether you’re by playing by yourself, or co-operatively with others) is as capable as you of doing whatever needs to be done to win.”