Dead Rising 2 dated, gets a prologue

Last we heard about Dead Rising 2, it was only slated for a Japanese release and not a word was mentioned about other regions. That changed today at X10 as Capcom confirmed that the zombie apocalypse will hit North American and European shelves on August 31 and September 3, respectively.

As an added surprise, since Capcom knows we have been going through withdrawals since the release of the original Dead Rising, they are also giving Xbox owners an exclusive with Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO, a prologue that shows the connection between the original game and the upcoming sequel. Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO is set to be a stand-alone product available only through Xbox Live and feature content not included within Dead Rising 2.

No word on an exact release date or pricing for CASE ZERO, or why they are shouting.

Ten new screenshots were released, too.