Final Fantasy XIII and Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 bundles on the way

If the impending release of Final Fantasy XIII or Splinter Cell: Conviction is edging you towards laying down the dough for an Xbox 360, you might be in luck. Microsoft have conveniently got two new Xbox 360 bundles lined up to coincide with the releases of each game.

Expected to retail for $399, each bundle will contain a 250GB Xbox 360, a copy of the respective game, two wireless controllers and all the usual trimmings: a wired headset, an ethernet cable and an AV cable. However, should you pick up the Final Fantasy variant, you’ll also be privy to some exclusive avatar items to adorn your digital self with. Aside from virtual accessories, the only discernible difference between the two versions will be the color of the console; White for Final Fantasy and black for Splinter Cell.

Unfortunately, neither of the bundles will have any swish artwork or logos emblazoned on the console, making this more of an offer aimed at first time buyers, rather than eager collectors. Though, if coveting memorabilia is your jam, Square Enix has got you covered and will be releasing a limited quantity of Final Fantasy XIII faceplates when the game drops Mar. 9th.