Halo: Reach promises to be Bungie’s “most powerful title”

Taking a page from Peter Molyneux’s book of hype, Bungie’s creative director, Marcus Lehto waxes some promising hyperbole with Official Xbox Magazine in a 10-page preview of Halo: Reach.

Halo: Reach is probably the most powerful title we’ve built to date with regards to story, character, new gameplay features we’re throwing at the player, and new experiences overall,” Lehto says in this month’s OXM. Lehto even details one of the gameplay features that Bungie’s hoping to improve upon: NPC’s that will actually fight alongside the player. “The Halo 3 marine was nothing to write home about, so that was a serious kick in our pants to do something better.”

Halo: Reach is looking to be a promising chapter in the Halo saga as long as Bungie doesn’t also take a page from Molyneux’s book of underdelivering.