It looks like Dead Space 2 is coming to PC after all…maybe…probably

Despite an EA rep saying “as of right now a PC sku is not in the plan” a few days ago, it turns out that a PC version of Dead Space 2 is looking more and more likely. After the game was mysteriously missing from a EA SEC filing, a unnamed PR rep was reported as saying that a PC version was “not in the plan.” Things were looking grim until earlier today when yet another unnamed rep said that a PC sku was “under consideration.

And now we’ve come full circle from “no way” to “maybe” and a “yes” as EA producer and former GFW magazine chief editor Jeff Green recently tweeted the following assuring and comforting words: “Rumor fact check: There *will* be a PC version of Dead Space 2. Worry not!” Considering Green is the only one to actually be named when talking about Dead Space 2, we’re more inclined to believe him, but maybe EA should be a little worried about communication between their various departments.