Mega Man 10 date confirmed; special weapons detailed

For those looking to get their retro game fix in, the wait is almost over – although it will be a little longer for Xbox 360 owners. Mega Man 10 has been confirmed to have a release date of March 1st for the Wii, March 11th for the PS3, and March 31st for 360. Each version of the game will be available through that console’s respective downloadable service for $10.00.

Capcom also has revealed 8 special weapons available for the blue bomber including the triple blade (appropriately acquired after beating blade man) and thunder wool, which allows for two clouds to be shot at once, shooting lighting towards the ground as they float upwards. Many of the boss items resemble weapons from previous titles but have their own unique traits. The commando bomb is essentially the crash bomb from Mega Man 2 but can be turned 90 degrees after being shot.

Other details outlined include easy mode for those who like to relax while they save the world from evil robot minions and challenge mode which will apparently be accessible to veterans and novices alike. No matter what difficulty is your preference, it’s time to get those mega busters primed up once again.

Check out the trailer here for a look at the Mega Man’s second 8-bit revival in action.