Perfect Dark trailer tickles our nostalgia bone

Fans of the Nintendo 64 FPS Perfect Dark have been waiting for the day to fill the void that time has left in their gaming hearts. Unfortunately Xbox 360 launch title Perfect Dark Zero only temporarily relieved that desire and its attempts to simulate the experience of the first game fell short. However, since Rare decided to release an HD remake, we no longer have to try and substitute that Perfect Dark experience.

We have to admit judging by the above trailer, the polished up version of Perfect Dark brings back fond memories of four controllers and late nights. It appears exactly how we remember it, only a lot crisper and cleaner despite having obviously dated graphics. Hopefully this cleaned up versions lives up to how our minds remember it back in the heydays of N64. A lot of people were hoping for a Goldeneye redux, but considering the the gameplay of both games are identical this Xbox Live Arcade version of PD should provide a fantastic substitute.