PopCap: iPad will “change gaming”

A few things have been said about the iPad in the context of videogames; some positive, some not quite. And some, namely PopCap, believe it will be “phenomenally successful” and “fulfil a need consumers don’t even know they have yet”.

“I think it will change gaming,” PopCap’s co-founder John Vechey said in a recent interview. “Here’s this new device that gets to more people with a really great e-commerce model attached to it. It’s really easy to buy on the iPhone – that’s part of what makes it successful.”

Vechey doesn’t believe the success will come with the first generation device however, “The iPad’s important but I think it’s going to be more important in three years. Look how long it took the iPod to get the momentum where everyone has one. It’s probably going to take the second generation [iPad] to make it really, like, ‘Wow!'”

PopCap supporting the new platform is a sure thing then? “Certainly,” he says. “I want to play Plants vs Zombies on that.”

“The iPad would be perfect for real-time strategy. You can’t have this really immersive gaming experience but it may actually be more fun than a lot of different game experiences you can get with a PC or console.”