XBLA’s Perfect Dark has a perfect price

Watching Microsoft Game Studios’ Ken Lobb breeze through the first mission of Perfect Dark is not making us any less excited for the remake of the N64 classic. Granted, Lobb was just messing around on Agent (easy) mode, but we still got to see PD running smoothly at 60 frames per second, which is just a joy compared to the clunky pace that represented one of the original’s few flaws.

Lobb reveals at the end of the video that the XBLA edition of Perfect Dark will sell for $10 or 800 MS Points when it releases in March. Even if you’ve played the N64 game, this seems like a good deal considering all that’s been done to spruce up the shooter. Cleaner textures, enhanced character models and 8-player online play are all good reasons to replay the classic.