OXM to reveal “the shooter that everybody asked for”

There are a few guesses at what the shooter everybody asked for is when Modern Warfare 2 is already here. Perhaps Halo: Reach would fill that description, but then again… it’s already been revealed. It’s been revealed in several ways, in fact. So what is it that OXM is talking about when they say that they will reveal the shooter we’ve all been asking for in their next month’s issue? There are a few guesses, like perhaps the new Ghost Recon that Ubisoft just announced, or maybe something else entirely? Gears of War 3? Doom 4? That’d be neat. How about revealing that Duke Nukem Forever will become the next PC game to move over to Xbox development? Or, maybe this is just fluff hype for their next issue and we’ll get something like Dark Sector 2 instead. Regardless, the issue will hit shelves March 11. Hope it’s neat.