True Crime to dominate genre in GTA’s absence?

Activision is stating that, in the absence of any new Grand Theft Auto content, the genre will be left “wide open” in 2010 for a new True Crime game to sweep in and dominate. As Activision Publishing executive Mike Griffith told investors this week, “This is a big open world action game that looks to be especially strong – and should benefit as this year’s competitive window in the genre is wide open.” Of course, all of this talk hinges on the presumption that True Crime rivals the GTA franchise in both quality and popularity. Moreover, Activision may be taking an unwarranted view of this year’s competitive window, as other much-hyped open-worlders such as Red Dead Redemption are also slated for release in the coming months. Needless to say, one should approach Activision’s bold claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.