Activision providing vague release windows on 2010 titles

During Activision’s Q4 conference call earlier this week, the publishing giant let loose some more info on a couple of their games coming out this year. As far as release dates go, we had none, and still don’t, but they did specify a few release windows.

We’d rather not mess with time, seriously, but that won’t stop Activision from releasing one of their latest new IPs Singularity in May, buddying up with the completely new Transformers: War for Cybertron. As for the second half of the year, apart from mentioning new Spider-Man and James Bond titles, the publisher vaguely detailed that their GTA-busting Hong Kong-based True Crime will be seeing its release alongside both of the aforementioned.

Although no specific dates have been announced for any of these titles, given the release window, the possibility of seeing a few of them at E3 are quite great. Looking forward to any of them?