Resonance of Fate releasing dangerously close to Final Fantasy XIII

You’d think that competing JRPG publishers would want to keep their titles as far away from Square Enix’s sure-fire hit Final Fantasy XIII as possible. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Resonance of Fate, which Sega has announced will be released on March 16. That’s just one week after FFXIII hits shelves, which feels like a risky maneuver for the introduction of an IP.

Resonance of Fate, with its greater emphasis on action and acrobatic gun battles, is certainly different from Final Fantasy, but it’s still the same genre. More importantly, Sega will be focusing its marketing efforts on the same group of people Square Enix is selling FFXIII to. If Sega wants to sell Resonance, they better hope their customers have both deep pockets and loads of time to spare.