Street Fighter assistant producer digs idea of portable version, shows off cameos

When you have Capcom releasing Super Street Fighter IV a mere year after its less super edition, and Mad Catz singing of the mad profits it’s made in a time when they released an absolutely awesome and (for a while) hard to find fighter stick, you know it’s safe to say the Street Fighter franchise is always a lucrative one. So it should come as no surprise that the game’s assistant producer, “Nakky” Shiozawa, recently expressed approval at the idea of bringing the game portable-side.

Shiozawa showed said approval in a Q&A he posted in his personal Super Street Fighter 4 blog. On a side note: You may not be able to read it, but you are able to skim his posted screenshots. You’ll notice two shots with cameos that the Final Fight fans should appreciate.

Of course, nothing is official. It’s just a blog saying it’d be cool to do, but it’s fun to speculate from there. A PSP port would be a safe guess, but I like to think they can give a 2D version a go, and the DS would certainly be able to handle that. What would you want in a portable Street Fighter IV?