Zipper to treat MAG like a platform

It’s not easy making an online shooter that supports 256 players, so it makes sense that Zipper Interactive wouldn’t just leave their recently released MAG, to rot in the streets of games that lack post-launch support. Zipper’s producer Alan Van Slyke says that the studio views their latest as more than just a game but rather a platform ready for new content to be added to well beyond the launch.

“We made a big investment, we had a lot of learning, we built a lot of tech, and we have this awesome multiplayer platform that we can build upon and add new gametypes to,” Van Slyke said to Joystiq, later adding, “the possibilities are endless for us, and in many ways, even though we just released the game, looking forward for us is super exciting, knowing what we can do with the engine we have today.” The 500,000 players who have already chosen their factions would probably agree.