Update / Codemasters working on a new shooter property

Update: It’s a first-person shooter.

Original story: Codemasters has confirmed that their Guildford-based studio is keeping busy with a new intellectual property — a shooter — and that they’ve brought in several industry veterans to oversee development.

One of those hires is Stuart Black, the senior designer on Criterion’s 2005 shooter Black, who according to VP of Codemasters development Gavin Cheshire will be “directing the vision” of the new property. Cheshire has also confirmed that Tom Gillo, the former game director at Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio, is on board as executive producer, and that Andrew Wilson, former senior producer of Blackrock’s upcoming racer Split/Second, has taken on the senior producer’s duties.

No word yet as to what the game will be about, or even if it’s a first- or third-person shooter, however a team of 80 people has been confirmed to be working on the EGO-powered (Codemasters’ proprietary game engine) title.