Crysis 2’s NYC “like none in games or cinema”

The New York City depicted in the upcoming Crysis 2 will be unlike any seen before, developer Crytek says.

“I Am Legend and The Day After Tomorrow were unique and both ‘owned’ a version of New York,” president Cevat Yerli explained to Edge. “Ours, likewise, is in harmony with the Nanosuit. In Crysis, we changed that island in ways the player didn’t expect. Expect bigger here. It’ll be a New York City like none in games or cinema.”

“Destruction and scarring of the environment: they’re universal themes that have been around forever. Our take will be unique,” added executive producer Nathan Camarillo. “It was a large island in Crysis but you weren’t interested in every square inch. There were large expanses, funnels and action spaces, and we’re doing the same with New York. It’s a comparable size.”

“We know what was good about Crysis, what we needed to improve and what was fun about the game, and we can build on a core we no longer have to find,” Camarillo says. “We can have those signature moments that only Crytek can do in realtime – those five big things you’ll remember forever.”

Some more details about Crysis 2, said to be the among the best-looking on any platform, came earlier in the month. The game itself, as publisher EA’s COO John Schappert confirmed during a recent earnings call, will follow some time in the 2010 holiday season.