Motion controller to appeal to both the core and casual gamer, Sony says

We’ve seen it done on the Wii hundreds of times by now. A developer makes a new game and relies on cute, gimmicky motion control features which add little innovation to gameplay or interaction. But, Sony claims that valuable, meaningful functionality will be aptly and fully utilized for its forth coming motion controller.

SCEA director of hardware marketing John Koller explained how their motion controller will appeal to seasoned gamers and casual players alike: “The Motion Controller technology is fantastic in that it’s challenging for the core gamer/consumer, while remaining engaging and immersive for the social/family consumer.” He then elaborated on the functions and accuracy one can expect from the new controller: “The genres and game types launching for the Motion Control platform are amazingly diverse. Imagine using the Motion Controller as a sword, a gun, or even a wand or pen – the new controller tracks 1 to 1 to your body movements; it’s precise, yet fun – and has such intuitive controls that we think it will breathe new life into many well-established game genres as well as create great new challenges for new ones.”