Sony expects PS3 to be in short supply this spring

Thanks in no small part to the release of its slimmer, sleeker iteration, the Playstation 3 has definitely been picking up steam these past few months. Finally looking all the more closer to fulfilling Jack Tretton’s E3 ’08 promise that the PS3 would ultimately exhibit the same momentum shared by its predecessors. However, this burgeoning popularity is apparently having a knock-on affect on the system’s availability, with Sony expecting that the PS3 will be subject to “tight inventory in the coming months.”

Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications at Sony, has said that “the strong demand carrying through the holidays was evident and early in the month we [knew] there was going to be limited supply of the PS3 at retail in January,” further adding that they will be “working closely with the retail channel to meet this demand, but expect tight supply for the coming months.” Given the barrage of big name exclusives, namely MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III making up a firm chunk of the PS3’s spring lineup, such sentiments don’t seem entirely implausible.