Street Fighter IV heads to iPhone… no, really

If Street Fighter IV was ever going to come to handhelds, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it’d hit PSP or DS, like we thought a few days back.  Blamed or not, you’d still be wrong; Capcom’s critically acclaimed fighter is heading for the iPhone, complete with art style, 2-player Bluetooth battles, and complete move sets.

A virtual arcade stick along with 4 buttons for punches, kicks, and specials is used for fighting, which Capcom insist will give professional players the control and finesse required to play well. There’s a Dojo mode for training anyways, so you can get cosy with the way it plays before you head into the big leagues.

So far there are only 2 fighters confirmed, can you guess who they are? Yep, Ryu and Ken, who are never far whenever Street Fighter is mentioned. The roster is going to fill up soon though, with both classic and recent characters set to appear.

And odd move, this one, but then again were you expecting Street Fighter IV to hit PC last year? No word on if any Super Street Fighter IV content will be included either. Start prepping your touch screen for pain.