Ubisoft wants to release sequels every 12-18 months

Ubisoft is borrowing the Activision sequel factory strategy with plans to release sequels of their popular titles every 12-18 months. Ubisoft’s European managing director, Alain Corre, detailed their sequel-churning plans.

“We’re organising ourselves towards that strategy – providing you can create something innovative every year that can surprise the end user and please your gamers,” Corre said. “Then you can consider releasing a SKU every 12-18 months – but it needs to be different enough from the previous SKU to make sure you’re not tiring the franchise or the consumers.”

Corre used the Call of Duty franchise to illustrate his point. “The Call of Duty example is the best around – they’ve been able over the past five years to iterate every year with growing success each time. They never compromise on quality, which is exactly what we’re trying to do with our brands now.”

Interestingly, Corre refers to James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game and its strict work schedule mandated by the movie industry which had a hand in its tepid critical and commercial reception. “It was true that we were also hoping to create a better experience, I’d say, in terms of gaming – but it’s not always easy when you have to follow the rules of a studio,” he said. “When you have guidelines and so on, it’s more rigid in terms of creation than what you can do with your own property.”