Bungie comment on recent leaks

Bungie have been in the business a while now, and their Halo series has constantly been in the spotlight for the past decade. They’re about as experienced as developers come when we talk about unfortunate issues such as media leaks. Their latest title, Halo: Reach is no stranger to these problems, as we saw from the blurry images last year.

It must be annoying to see incomplete content get released early, but Bungie’s Marcus Lehto has a stronger term for it, “We realize that, with everything that goes out there, with every beta or alpha that we put out there, something’s going to leak, and it’s terrifying to us.

“It’s terrifying because the game’s still in progress. We’re making it still, and we’re going to continue working on it for quite some time until it’s done. It’s shipping this fall, but we’ve got a lot of work, a good handful of months in front of us before it’s completely done.” Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a draft of a half-written chapter, is what Mr. Lehto is trying get across, I guess.

There’s seemingly little anyone can do about it however, which is why he goes on to admit, “That’s part of making games that we just deal with.”