C&C4 to appeal to multiplayer FPS fans

According to producer Raj Joshi, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight will play to the multiplayer FPS crowd as much as its established RTS fanbase.

Speaking in an interview with VideoGamesDaily, Joshi said Command & Conquer 4 aims to appeal to a much broader audience than previous entries to the series, something it will achieve through greater accessibility and the leveraging of FPS tropes.

“Having the mobile crawler, the class choice which hopefully will appeal to first-person shooter multiplayer players, where it’s more focused,” said Joshi. “Rather than having all 88 units accessible at once and trying to figure out your path, you pick a class and that kind of determines your play style.

“Having that mobile base, and not having to do Tiberium harvesting, and not having as many units to control at once, will hopefully help people jump in.

“Plus, the play style of multiplayer is more like a first person shooter mode, where it’s kind of this domination style capturing of control points. We’re hoping all these things kind of added together will make it easier to get into.

“It’s not a casual game by any stretch of the imagination, but I think more casual than, like, Red Alert 3, where the build order was very specific, all the units were very specifically good at one little thing. That one was very oriented to the micromanaging player.”

Command & Conquer 4 hits PC in the US on Mar. 16, Europe on Mar. 19.