Fable III will include new continent, races

Fable II might have spanned the decades, but it didn’t do much to expand the scale of the series, a shortcoming soon to be corrected in Fable III.

Lionhead Studios’ third installment in the series will stretch the Fable universe beyond Albion’s fictional borders, adding a whole new continent, revealed creator Peter Molyneux in an interview with IncGamers. Accessible from Albion, the neighboring landmass of Arora will be populated by a new race and feature new environments to explore, hopefully with the aid of a new canine companion.

As nice as it will be to play regent, we all know the thrill of Fable is all in the dog. If Elizabeth can share her royal estate with no fewer than ten Welsh Corgis, it seems only fair that Fable III‘s King or Queen get at least two furry friends. Maybe three.