Updated / Ubisoft’s DRM requires a constant connection

Update: Ubisoft attempts to quell DRM fears

Original story: Ubisoft’s initiative against piracy has managed to make a lot of their paying customers quite upset today; PC Gamer reports that the DRM attached to Settlers VII and the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II has taken a turn for the worse.

Not only do players need to be connected to the internet to begin playing either of the games, single-player or otherwise, they need to stay connected in order to continue playing without interruptions. Should connectivity be lost even for a moment, the game will boot the player and any progress since the last checkpoint will be lost.

Even those who have the most stable ISPs on the planet can be affected; if Ubisoft’s own servers happen to have troubles, the result is the same — game over, progress lost.

Needless to say, and we’d likely be hard-pressed to find a PC gamer who disagrees, an approach that attempts to fight piracy while clearly creating headaches and obstacles for those who do obtain your games through legal means should perhaps be given some further thought.