Alan Wake rated T for Teen by the ESRB

After years of speculation surrounding the Remedy-developed thriller, people will finally get their hands on Alan Wake this May. When you get that game in your hands, you might be a little surprised to see a unexpected letter in the bottom left corner of the box, as the Entertainment Software Ratings Board has officially given Alan Wake a T for Teen rating.

And honestly, this isn’t really surprising for anyone who’s paid attention to the trailers, screenshots, and video demonstrations shown by Microsoft up to this point, as there really hasn’t been a lot of questionable content in sight. The game is gunning for a mature narrative, but you don’t need buckets of guts and excessive swearing to be mature. That’s not to say buckets of guts and excessive swearing don’t have their rightful place in gaming, but if Remedy thinks they can keep players hooked without it, then more power to them.