Civilization V announced for a fall release

2K Games has announced Sid Meier’s Civilization V, and it’s looking to shake things up a bit.

The game, set to arrive this fall, introduces hexagon tiles which allow for “deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay” and offers “an entirely new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions and a cavalcade of expanded features,” the announcement informs.

The title’s in development for PC and is using an all new game engine (first images below), built from the ground up.

Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, says Civ5 “takes the franchise further by offering players a more immersive experience with deeper strategies; heightened tactical combat; vast, realistic landscapes to explore, battle over and claim as their own; and an in-game community hub where Civ fans can share content and compete against each other without leaving the game.”

Sid Meier himself, director of creative development at Firaxis Games, weighs in as well, “Each new version of Civilization presents exciting challenges for our team. Thankfully, ideas on how to bring new and fun experiences to Civ players never seem to stop flowing. From fully animated leaders and realistic landscapes, new combat tactics, expanded diplomacy and shared mods, we’re excited for players to see the new vision our team at Firaxis has brought to the series.”