Lionhead planning ‘a cute outside of Fable III experience’

Fable III will be receiving some type of a tie-in product, Lionhead Studios’ head and MGS Europe’s creative director Peter Molyneux has teased. Something that’s cute. Very cute.

Prior to the launch of Fable II, Lionhead released Pub Games, an Xbox Live Arcade title where players could earn money that would upon its launch be transferable to Fable II, allowing the player to start the game without worrying about funding his or her adventures. The upcoming Fable III “experience,” however, is “not Pub Games“. What it is then?

According to Molyneux, “a really cute, very very cute ‘outside of Fable III‘ experience that I’m not talking about.” And just in case he wasn’t clear, “It’s really, really cute,” he added.

Unfortunately, and very uncharacteristically, Molyneux didn’t slip any actual details.