Next Assassin’s Creed to have story relevant stabbing, “narrative justification” for multiplayer

With 8 million copies sold worldwide, Assassins Creed II was quite the title; more so because it managed to shift that many units without an exhaustive multiplayer component featuring xp or some sort of equivalent to perks. Ubisoft looks set to rectify this by announcing that next year’s Assassin’s Creed, allegedly set in Rome, will be upping the player count from one to many through the addition of multiplayer.

New details suggest that said multiplayer component will bear some similarities to BioShock 2‘s recent multiplayer addition, by featuring a “narrative justification” within the Assassin’s Creed mythos, according to Ubisoft’s Patrice Desilets. Not that I’d really quibble about relevance when stabbing dudes in the neck mixed in with some multiplayer is on offer.

Speeding up the development cycle, Ubisoft Montreal will be working extra efficiently to hit a tentative March 2011 release. Desilets notes that with the technology already established from the previous games it will be a lot easier to have another full game ready by that time.