Global Agenda community gets review pulled following outrage

In a story that shares some similar characteristics with last year’s Darkfall debacle, one reviewer gets called out yet again on the lack of playtime given to an MMO, only this time, it’s the game’s community going after the reviewer and not the studio itself.

This year’s game: Global Agenda. This year’s review site: GameSpot. The review score given was 5.5 out of 10 and that was low enough for the Global Agenda community to dig deeper into who exactly played the game and how long they actually played it. Thanks to the game’s player statistics system, a database where anyone could find information on any character that includes statistics likes hours spent on the character, the reviewer’s character was found. GameSpot’s policy is to spend at least 30 hours with an MMO before releasing a review. The reviewer’s character however only had 6 hours of playtime.

Once the information surfaced, a flurry of e-mails followed to both the reviewer and GameSpot’s Justin Calvert. Unlike last year’s situation however, no one was going to refute the public logs. The information resulted in the review getting pulled from the GameSpot website. Calvert has since responded with acknowledgment of the review and an apology on both GameSpot‘s website and to Hi-Rez studios, stating that a new writer has been assigned to review the game.