Ready yourself for a Joy Ride this year

The E3-unveiled Xbox 360 exclusive Joy Ride was planned for a holiday 2009 release, but you might have noticed that we saw no such game being delivered to us during the season. But, it will be hitting the system this year.

“We’re thrilled to have unveiled Joy Ride at E3 2009, which will deliver a revolutionary gaming experience to the Xbox 360 community and put your Avatar behind the wheel,” a recent statement released to Joystiq reads. “We’re committed to delivering the most robust experience to the community and are taking additional time to ensure we provide the best experience possible. We’re looking forward to launching Joy Ride in 2010. Stay tuned.”

The Xbox Live Arcade title bases itself on a free-to-play concept, supported by microtransactions and will be playable with the users’ Xbox 360 Avatars. It sounds like a promising idea to explore but as with all games, we won’t know for sure until we’ve had our hands on it.