Bungie sprinkling the tidbits about Reach’s multiplayer beta

Like every Halo release, it generates all kinds of buzz. The fans want to know everything. To keep that going, Bungie just trickles in the information at a snail’s pace. Here, Bungie’s Brian Garrard talks a little bit about how much the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta will represent the final release.

“It basically will represent a sub-section of almost every main portion of the game. For example, we’ll have a couple of the new armour abilities that we’ve been talking about which are sort of the new version of equipment which have pretty immense implications for gameplay.

“So some of those will be in there, some of the weapons will be in there, we’ll have a subset of maps, we’ll have a subset of game-types some of which are returning favourites, some are brand new that people don’t even know about yet.”

In short, it’s going to show enough of the game to give players a good idea of what to expect. Still, not everything’s going to show up. Garrard adds that Bungie’s “got a long way to go until the fall and we want people to have some stuff to look forward to.”

Dear May, hurry.