Brink will flow like Assassin’s Creed

Brink‘s much touted SMART system (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain, a backronym if ever I saw one) looks prime to streamline the first-person shooter experience, trimming obstacle traversal down to a single button through its sleek context sensitive navigation system. Ideal for anyone whose spectacular killing spree has unexpectedly come to a grinding halt, purely for daring to try and climb over a waist high barrier.

“Since we’re a shooter first and foremost, we really want players to be focusing on the shooting, not the moving around,” explains Brink‘s lead designer, Richard Ham. “A lot of people draw parallels to Mirror’s Edge since Brink is an FPS, but our SMART system is really more closely related to what Ubisoft did in Assassin’s Creed,” familiarly allowing the player to slide, bound and shimmy with the press of a single button.

I’m welcoming this; getting shot while faffing around trying to climb over a box is not only embarrassing but, for me, also serves as a poignant reminder of how I’d probably die in an actual war.