Sony preps for future with universal controller patent

We all dream of the day when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will unite to bless us with a universal console. That would be totally awesome and bring peace to the videogame galaxy once and for all. But since that won’t be happening, we’re going to have to deal with the hope for a universal controller.

The idea is just in patent form right now, but it looks like Sony is trying to find a way to make a controller that works for multiple consoles. The most notable feature is an LCD screen that would be able to change its display depending on the console being played. “The LCD is caused to present, depending on what type of game console a user has selected, a controller key layout for a first type of game console or a controller key layout for a second type of game console. A key layout includes plural keys selectable by a user to input commands to a game console,” reads the patent, with rumble and sound effects — Wii compatible too, then? — also mentioned.