God of War III is a very, very large file

With the media blitz for God of War III about to be at critical mass with the game’s release less then a month away, one would think Sony Santa Monica’s director of technology Tim Moss is currently a very busy man. Luckily for him, the game has gone gold, so he suddenly has a lot more free time, and just like seemingly every other videogame developer in the world, he likes to tweet here and there to drop a knowledge bomb when he can. Thanks to the latest pop culture fad, Moss would like to pass word along that God of War III is chocked full of “35Gb of goodness.” Turns out this is the US version of the game, as he would later tweet that the European version is over 40 gigs due to their version of the game featuring “9+ languages.”

Remember back when things like this were a selling point they would put on the back of the box? Imagine picking up your copy and one of the bullet points read something like “a sweeping epic with over 40 GIGABYTES worth of carnage!” That would feel right at home on a box that talked about multiple discs or blast processing.