En Masse to westernize eastern MMOs

The success of westernizing Aion seems to have caught the attention of some former NCSoft employees, so much so that a new company aimed specifically at westernizing eastern MMOs has been created in its wake.

The company in question, En Masse, is headed up by former NCSoft employee Jae Heon Yang who left it back in 2007. COO Patrick Wyatt, producer Brian Knox and publishing VP Chris Lee are also from the NCSoft roster. “We’ve brought together ‘best of breed’ experts in the fields of technology, online gaming, branding and localisation who have a shared vision for global MMO games that deliver on the highest levels of quality and cultural relevance,” says Yang of the talent on board.

Tera, the company’s first project, will be the litmus test to how this experiment will pay off. There’s been no mention of what exactly will be done in order for it to qualify as a ‘westernization,’ but if Aion is an indicator it will be more than a simple translation.

We’re not sure how this business venture will pan out but we’ll be waiting in anticipation to see what changes Tera will receive.