Natal’s Milo to return in a “dramatic story”

Milo, the character Microsoft demonstrated Project Natal‘s possible uses with at E3 last year, is more than just a tech demo and will be returning in a big, “dramatic story,” Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux says.

“I was very, very tight about what was actually being said about Milo and not being said about Milo. I think it did its job,” the Lionhead boss and MGS Europe creative director said at X10 last week. “It made people look around and say ‘How could you make a game out of a character like Milo?’ And I think that question is still out there; I’m just not allowed to answer it.”

On second thought: “I might hint… Milo is a character in a bigger and more dramatic story that we’re telling.”

Perhaps a second appearance at this year’s E3 then?