Remedy: “We probably threw away six months of work”

At the DICE Summit last week, managing director for Remedy, Matias Myllyrinne revealed that six months of work for their upcoming psychological thriller, Alan Wake, went to waste, citing the reason being that they made one big mistake.

“We did make one big mistake, and we came back from that – it was trying to make a sandbox structure to a thriller, and that just really wasn’t working. It felt deluded, and the pacing wasn’t right – for a thriller the pacing is important, you need a bit of foreshadowing,” Myllyrinne told in an interview.

“We probably threw away six months of work, which doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s a lot of work with substantial teams… we saw we could deliver an okay game, but it wasn’t going to be a heart-pounding ride, it wasn’t going to be a thriller in the true sense of the word.”

Alan Wake has been fully playable since E3 last year, it was also revealed, “We had the whole game fully playable around E3 last year, and we’ve just been balancing, tuning, polishing and iterating in post-production since.”

The game is scheduled for a May release, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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