Heavy Rain dripping with technical glitches

Players across the world are reporting a variety of technical issues with Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream’s new title may be soaking up the critical plaudits (including ours), but it’s also crashing, loosing auto-saves and experiencing out-of-sync audio, according to reports on the official forums (via Kotaku).

While the game is performing faultlessly for some, others are experiencing major issues. Reports in the ‘Problems with Heavy Rain!’ forum thread detail the game freezing and locking up entirely, as well as stuttering audio-visual disconnects. Perhaps most worryingly, however, are tales of faulty auto-saves leading to hours of progress being lost.

TVGB’s review copy displayed its fair share of technical glitches too, as reported at the time.

In response, the Senior Community Development Manager, posting under the name Sam Protagonist, has said that the issues are being looked into.

In the meantime, players have been advised to avoid turning off their system while the game is in black screen. It is believed that game saves are occasionally taking longer than expected, leading to the assumption that the game has crashed. “In these circumstances we recommend you wait at least 5 minutes before rebooting – while it’s highly unlikely a save will take this long, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said the Development Manager.