Quake Live open beta is a year old, id celebrates with new maps and bloom lighting for all

The free-to-play, advertisement-supported Quake Live has been tinkering with itself in open beta form for a year now, and on top of wishing itself a very happy birthday, the folks behind the browser-based game are planning some presents for their fans. Along with congratulating their most dedicated players, id Software has announced a special two week-long celebration to commemorate the event, with every person playing in an online game from now to March 9th receiving a special ‘year one’ tag.

Also launching this week is a new update to the game which adds an “extensive” in-game settings menu, including a new bloom lighting post-processing effect. The much more notable new feature from the patch is the brand new capture-the-flag map, entitled Fallout Bunker. Still no word as to when Quake Live will leave its beta phase, but anyone who enjoys a good frag and is yet to give the game a go will probably find no better time to jump in than right now.