THQ to show what PS3/360 can do at E3

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be a venue for THQ to show off the advances it’s made in graphical prowess, CEO Brian Farrell has said.

“I think the theme of this E3, certainly our E3, is ‘look at what we can do from a development standpoint, look at what these current boxes can do,'” Farrell said while speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday.

“We haven’t even tapped into the full capacity of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 yet.”

Already known titles to appear on THQ’s E3 slate are Homefront, Saints Row 3, the next Red Faction, their Warhammer 40K MMO effort as well as launch titles for Microsoft and Sony’s respective motion controllers.

The CEO has hyped the showing before; it will “blow people away,” he said in an interview just a week ago.