76 Wii titles have sold over a million units

Dan Adelman, Nintendo’s head of business development, has said that 22 first-party and 54 third-party Wii titles have sold over 1 million units. We’re not math specialists here at TVGB but using our elementary educations we can conclude that that’s a whole lot of units sold. But despite the 56 third-party titles breaching the mark, publishers and developers alike are shifting their focus away from the Wii and towards the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not one to be left out, with 45 first-party and 63 third-party games surpassing the million mark, the DS has pulled in some nice sales figures as well. On top of that, Nintendo’s online store has some interesting figures as well — between the 347 Virtual Console, 189 WiiWare and 127 DSiWare games, there are over 500 downloadable games available.

While the notion of publishers and developers moving away from the Wii is bad news, it’s hard to feel bad for Nintendo after seeing these numbers. Despite the adversity with some of the more hardcore orientated third-party titles, the consoles continue to do well as far as numbers are concerned.