Aliens vs. Predator PC gets patched on Monday

With an almost universally recognizable name like Aliens vs. Predator, we can see why the game would fly off store shelves — both in retail and digitally. Even with poor review scores, the fan base is already built in and has been clamoring for a title like this. That being the case, when the aforementioned fan base says there’s something amiss with the game, those issues should be attended to quickly or thoughts of a sequel will remain merely thoughts.

Sega says they have paid attention to the issues PC gamers have expressed and will release a patch on March 1 to fix stability, audio, lost save game as well as server selection issues. The patch will also prevent an issue where players would become temporarily invisible, appear with the wrong weapon, and keep firing their weapon indefinitely after dying. Finally, a glitch will be repaired where XP was being incorrectly affected by offline play.

No word on the patch that fixes our total lack of skill.