DICE may get back behind the wheel

Swedish developer DICE is by far best known for its Battlefield series, but they also have a history in racing games; something they may try their hand at again in the future.

When recently asked if the studio misses working on racers, producer Patrick Bach said, “Yes, racing games are very close to our hearts and something that I think DICE would do really well if we put our focus on it,” adding, “We’ll see if the future gives us an opportunity to return to that genre.”

As for the studio’s already-in-development projects, Bach said that something non-Battlefield is in the works, “We are always exploring new and cool genres … DICE is not only working on Battlefield games right now.”

One of those hush-hush projects is believed to be Mirror’s Edge 2 which has been talked about openly since last summer. But that may not be all — as executive producer Karl-Magnus Trodesson said just last month, the company is actively looking into “other projects and other games that perhaps can turn into IPs and then later on franchises.”