New Zelda this year, Nintendo appears to confirm

Nintendo’s media summits went down this week, bringing with them 2010 release dates for Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M and Monster Hunter Tri, among others. The Legend of Zelda series, however, was nowhere to be seen.

But wait! Don’t give up hope yet, because Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway has suggested that the new Zelda game will be released for Wii this year and, as already known, that we’ll get to see it — and maybe even play — at E3.

Speaking to Wired, the Nintendo of America executive vice president said, “One of the things that’s true for Nintendo is that we’re not driven by a calendar for our release dates. When the games are ready to go, when the quality is perfect, that’s when we release.”

“We all benefit if we can keep a pretty steady pace, so the development teams have worked hard to make sure that we’ve got a full lineup this year. If you compare the first half of 2010 with the first half of 2009, it’s night and day. And from some of the things that Mr. Iwata has talked about, and that we will talk about at E3, like Zelda, you know that we’re going to have a good back half of the year, as well.”

Mario, Metroid and Zelda all in one year? Doesn’t get much better than that.