Rare NES game sells for $41,300 on eBay

The Nintendo World Championship cart for the original NES has been touted by many gamers to be the rarest videogame of all time. Despite its rarity, another game, Stadium Events (also for the NES) has surpassed its price point by selling last night on eBay for a whopping $41,300.

The incredible sale follows in the wake of an auction for the same game that sold for a little over $13,000. The reason for the massive jump in price is due to this specific listing being factory sealed and rumored to be the second of only two sealed copies in existence. Unsealed or loose copies of the highly desirable title are available in extremely low quantities as well, with only around 20 complete-in-box copies thought to exist. While eBay auctions can easily have bidders jacking up the price with no intention to pay, a $40,000 bid was made from a person who had a substantial amount of positive feedback, giving this selling point some credibility.

The seller commented during the auction, “What I remember is that we bought it thinking that we could play it by itself and then realized that we needed the pad.  Somewhere in there it was recalled so the pads weren’t available when we went to purchase it.  We never got around to returning the game…lucky us!”

Stadium Events is a game that was released by Bandai for the NES in very limited quantities before being repackaged and sold under the name World Class Track Meet with Nintendo’s power pad. Only around 2,000 copies of the game were rumored to be released before the re-branding. The European version is available in much higher quantities, so beware of misleading sales.