Braid creator sheds light on The Witness

Braid developer Jonathan Blow has teased us in the past with word of his next game, The Witness, but aside from the title and a couple of vague blocks of text describing “an exploration puzzle game on an uninhabited island,” virtually nothing had been revealed about the project yet. With the launch of the game’s development blog, which shows off some impressive concept art and a brief summary of the graphics engine that will power the game’s visuals, that has now changed.

“For The Witness, I wanted to develop a graphical style that values simplicity,” says Blow, noting the game’s emphasis on striking environmental detail and dynamic lighting. “It would be suited to mellower environments, with both indoor and outdoor settings. Some kind of global illumination solution seemed like the right idea here.”

The concept art and test renders remind me of the old Myst games in a huge way, showing off picturesque landscapes and interiors. With a custom graphics engine already in the works, it looks like Blow’s team is well on their way to making the surreal environments of The Witness come to life.