Codemasters set for DLC-equipped GRID re-release, compilations

According to MCV, Codemasters are re-releasing Race Driver: Grid in the UK, complete with two DLC packs, for £24.99.

Called Race Driver: GRID Reloaded, the bundle will include download codes for the previously released 8-Ball Pack as well an all new Prestige Pack. The 8-Ball Pack contains two new multiplayer events and eight new cars, while the Prestige Pack includes the Australian Bathurst circuit and ten new cars.

The Prestige Pack will also be available over Xbox Live and PSN from Mar. 11, for a not insignificant £7.99 in the UK.  It’s part of a recent industry trend to dissuade gamers from buying pre-owned games by pricing them out of downloadable content. The fiendish swines.

GRID Reloaded will be available in shops on Mar. 11 for PS3, with an Xbox 360 release expected shortly after.

Meanwhile, Codemasters also announced that two compilation packs will launch on Mar. 11 as well. The first is a compilation of the original Colin McCrae: Dirt and a vanilla Race Driver: GRID. That’s set to be priced at £29.99 for Xbox 360.

The second set is a triple compilation pack for PC, containing GRID, Dirt, and Fuel. The PC bundle comes in at £19.99.