Square Enix “suspicious” of Avatar, Final Fantasy XIII similarities

Final Fantasy XIII looks suspiciously like James Cameron’s Avatar, according to FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama.

In an interview with Tech Digest, Toriyama revealed his belief that perhaps Cameron’s record-breaking sci-fi had been “inspired” by FFXIII. The suggestion being that in this case “inspired” is very close to “Stop! Thief!”

“The in-game universe this time around is quite fantasy based, but also futuristic at the same time. We never really had any particular reference points for Final Fantasy XIII, in terms of places where we drew inspiration from. That said, we’re a little suspicious that the world famous Avatar movie might have take inspiration from us!”

Does Toriyama mean truly believe that decade-in-production Avatar cribbed visual ideas from Final Fantasy XIII? Or is he just having a laugh while drumming up a bit of extra exposure for his game? You decide. Perhaps there’s an as-yet unannounced lanky Smurf section in the EU FFXIII release.

Final Fantasy XIII hits the West on Mar. 9 2010.